Need a Tree Removed?

Dangerous Trees Can be Removed Safely

Some tree removals can seem very intimidating, and each tree has its own risks. Tree removal specialists mitigate the risk with planning and technique, and sometimes cranes and other heavy machinery. There is no tree removal too difficult for us.

Tree Removal Costs Something

The cost of tree removal can be very high, even thousands of dollars, but with a little flexibility and cooperation, the costs can be kept down. We’ll work with you to give you a fair price and the best value dependant on your needs and budget.

Your Tree May be Saved

Hazardous or dying trees may only need to be trimmed or treated to keep them alive, mitigating cost and heartache. We’ll do the best we can to find a solution for that grand old tree you want to stay.  

Did a great job taking down a huge tree, avoiding every building and bush in the way! They cleaned up all the limbs, cut the tree into pieces, and helped us stack the wood! Awesome job, excellent service, and great pricing!
— Sara H.

Secure Tree Removal

We Protect your Property

If you do work with us, you do not have to worry about exposure to the risk of unwanted damage to your property, or to lawsuit from our crew members. We carry general liability and workman’s comp at all times, and will provide proof of our insurance with every estimate we create.

We Can Protect Your Lawn

Tree work is definitely a threat to your lawn. While not all lawns are created equal, if your lawn is the type that needs particular care, there are methods we use to protect your landscape.

Is your Tree a Hazard?

Any tree can be a dangerous tree, given the right conditions. Review these signs of a hazardous tree - reach out right away for a free consultation if you are concerned.

Removing the Other Stuff

Stump Removal

This is an additional service we offer that is not included in tree removal estimates. Read about the details of our stump removal process over on the Stump Removal page.

Branch Removal

We don’t have to remove the whole tree - we can remove the branches that are causing problems. Find out if Tree Trimming is the right solution.

Brush Removal

We don’t just remove whole trees. If you have a pile of brush that needs removed, we can take care of that too!


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The longer and more detailed version

Typically, we are requested to remove trees when they are too difficult to fell because of their proximity to houses, power lines, or the like. Taking down a tree always includes a risk factor to either property or life and limb, and most of the time, both. As a result, we put a lot of emphasis first on safety, and then on protecting property. It is not always possible to foresee all of the risks, because hidden in any tree can be failure points that we are unable to see at a glance from the outside of the tree. Thankfully in most cases the tree leaves clues for us, and most often our tree removal process catches these clues and mitigates them. So far, we have a pretty good record with no major incidents of harm to property or health.

Tree Removal Process

  • The first part of the process is that we need to come and look at the tree(s) that need to be removed - this allows us to assess the situation for risks and create an estimate of what it will take to remove the tree. Our estimates are fixed cost estimates provided that nothing changes in the expectations of what will be done. Once we have agreed to work together, we schedule a time to come and remove the trees.

  • On the day we arrive, the crew will do a walk around of the job site and create a plan for the day, including how to avoid known hazards.

  • While we are able to schedule a crane or lift to help when necessary, our typical removal process involves an experienced tree climber, who is a professional well versed in the physics surrounding the nature of trimming and removal of trees.  This includes the use of climbing gear, ropes and pulleys for safely lowering branches and stem, and a working knowledge of the techniques used for all aspects of removing the tree. This professional is the central figure of any tree service crew, and is often also certified as an ‘arborist’, a specialist in the lifespan, biology, and physics of a tree.

  • The tree climber will remove the tree with the help of the ground crew and equipment. The tree is typically taken down in pieces, and the pieces that might damage property are roped down as carefully as possible.  

  • The ground crew will remove the branches and wood from the property depending on the agreement we make with you.

  • The final stage of tree removal is raking and removing all the droppings, walking through the job site with you to make sure everything is done according to expectation, and wrapping it up.

  • Stump removal is considered a separate service. It could better be called stump grinding, and you can see more about this service on this page.

  • If a tree is dead and rotten, the risk goes up extensively, and often requires more equipment to remove it. If you have a tree you know is dying, make every effort to quickly remove it to save risk and money.

  • In the process of removing a tree, the branches and wood that are cut out of the tree in pieces often will scar the lawn below. The wetter the soil, the more likely this will happen. This typically will mitigate itself with time, rain, and new grass growth, but it can be avoided through a more tedious process of roping down each piece large enough to damage the ground below. While this can as much as double the cost of the removal, it might be worth it to you. Please request this specifically if you are interested in it.