Experienced Tree Trimming & Pruning

Our tree care specialists have decades of combined experience trimming trees. They will trim the tree to suit its natural shape, while minding the health of the tree.

Dependable, Honest Communication

We take our word very seriously - we want you to be confident that when we say something, we’ll do just that. Period.

Fair and Transparent Cost

When we estimate your tree trimming project, we’ll make sure that the costs are laid out as clear as we can make them, and in a format that is easy to read and understand.

Trufast Tree Service was amazing. The estimation process was thorough and he wrote down everything I asked to be completed. On the day they were to do the work, the crew showed up right on time and did everything that we had agreed upon (believe me, I kept my eye on them while they were working, but I now see I didn’t even need to!). Every branch, limb, etc. was attended to perfectly! And the cleanup was excellent... you couldn’t even tell that I had any work done, except for the beautiful results of their crew’s work. They were fast, efficient, professional, and they even cut down an extra limb that I asked for as I was paying them. I will surely use them again... great job, great price!
— Dean C.

Counting Costs

Your cost for a basic trimming of an older tree will typically start around $300 with Trufast. However, that cost can go up quickly when considering trees that have been neglected for years, or ones that hang over houses, power lines, etc. We do our best to provide an honest, fair estimate based on the actual work needed.

You can get much lower estimates from companies without proper insurance (workman’s comp and general liability), you’ll find that our estimates are competitive with other reputable tree care services in the greater Springfield area.

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Pruning & Shaping

Branches can be pruned to promote healthy growth in a tree. Best case scenario is to start pruning the tree when it is young. Proper pruning tends to lead to a strong tree that will better withstand the stress of storms, ice, and natural threats.

Branch Removal

Sometimes a branch is either damaged beyond saving or has grown in such a way that is detrimental to the health of the tree. Our specialists can determine if and when removing limbs is right for your trees.

Branch Chipping

We do provide rough chipping services if you are looking to convert your tree waste into mulch. The mulch created by our machine is a rough mulch, not the fine, treated stuff you can purchase.


Our Service Area
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  • Springfield

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  • Nixa

  • Branson

  • Marshfield

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  • Rogersville

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Additional Information on our Trimming Approach

Trees typically need to be trimmed in order to keep the tree growing healthy. The earlier you start, the better, as trees will often develop growth patterns on their own that ultimately cause weakness in them later. Mature trees offer shade, beauty, and value to a property, and it is worth giving them attention every year or two. The flip side of that is that when a tree develops weaknesses, it is often hazardous to life and property.

How you trim a tree really matters to the success of the tree over time. Improper trimming and storm-broken branches can result in the eventual death of the tree.

Most often we are brought in to trim trees that are at least fifteen years old. These require climbing and the cost range starts near $300 depending on the situation and number of trees you have.

Important facts about our process

  • We will trim the tree in a way that promotes its natural healing. Except in very specific situations, we do not cover our cuts with pruning sealer, as it prevents natural healing and ultimately exposes the tree to likely damage. If we feel the situation warrants it, we will mention it to you and give reasons for it.

  • One of our tree climbing professionals will be the one to ascend the tree and remove dead wood and any branches that are inhibiting the beauty, healthy growth, or safety of the tree to property around it.

  • The tree climbing professional typically has more than five years of tree climbing experience and even more experience working in the tree service. They may or may not be a certified arborist, but will have the knowledge and experience to make sure your tree is taken care of and your property stays safe.

  • When the climbing is done, we will carefully remove all limbs and debris from the property, and make sure to leave it as close to how we found it as possible. Naturally, we always leave a layer of chainsaw sawdust in our wake, but will remove the largest portion of this depending on our agreement with you.