Stump Removal

We call it stump removal, but what we really mean is stump grinding - usually taking the stump down to below grade (the level of the soil around it). Stump removal requires a machine called a stump grinder, and can take significant time with larger stumps, especially if a lot of the root ball is above grade, or there are roots that spread out from the tree above the ground. The level of service we offer for that will depend on your wishes and budget.

Very professional. Service was above and beyond. Removed a tree, hauled away debris (even some other dead limbs not associated to this job), ground stump at least a foot below ground level, and raked and cleaned area to the point that it looked as if no one had been here....other than the tree was gone. Plus all the above and price 150 dollars less than other bids. Would definitely recommend this tree service. Thanks for a job well done Luke.
— Darrell B.

Stump Removal Cost Considerations

How big is the stump? the bigger the stump, the bigger the estimate.

What kind of tree was it? Softer woods are quicker and easier to grind.

How far below the grade do you want to grind it and how far above the grade is the roots and root ball?

Do you want most of the debris removed, or do you want it left in a pile above the stump to let it mulch down? Stumps grindings make good garden cover and mulch down over time.

Do you want dirt and grass seed spread over the hole that is left in the ground? We are happy to estimate bringing dirt and grass to fill in the hole left by the tree.

Was the stump part of a larger project or is it a one-off event? It is overall less expensive if you have more work to go along with the stump removal.