Great Summer Swimming Holes

We occasionally take time off from cutting trees, and were inspired by a quick trip we took to Pomme de Terre last weekend to find a good swimming hole. The lake was flooded, but we managed to get in the water in a very unlikely spot off of a state RV park. It was so much fun that we decided that we should post about swimming holes in Missouri!

Have any better places? Leave us a note so we can get in on the fun!

Lake Pomme de Terre

Pomme de Terre is a wonderful and easily accessible swimming, fishing, or boating experience.  It has two public swimming beaches and plenty of areas for camping in a tent or RV. It is a little more than an hour north of Springfield. Here is a website for more info, and directions from Google Maps. Here is the exact place where our family was swimming.

Haw Creek Falls

A small but very picturesque waterfall located in the Ozark National Forest, with refreshing water and lush forest surrounding.  It is surrounded by lots of great places for swimming, picnicking, and camping. It is more or less two and a half hours south Springfield, in northwest Arkansas.  For pictures and more information, click here.  To access directions from Google Maps, click here.

Natural Dam

Natural Dam is a stunning 8 foot high and almost 200 foot wide waterfall located in west Arkansas. It is a magnificent place for swimming, wading, and, depending on the time of year, fishing. It also has picnic tables, and is easily accessible from the road. It lies approximately three and a half hours southwest of Springfield.  Here is a website for a bit more info and pictures, and directions via Google Maps!

Falling Water Falls

This is a stunning waterfall on the Falling Water Creek with a beautiful swimming hole right under it.  It is very close to the road, so you would be able to spot it from your car as you pass by. It is, again, approximately two and a half hours south of Springfield.  Here is a website for more info, and directions to the Falls on Google Maps.

Kings River

Kings River is a wonderful place for not only swimming, but also kayaking, canoeing, and fishing! It is especially popular for its smallmouth bass. There are beautiful bluffs and convenient gravel bars on either side of the river for picnicking. A great place for spending the day or camping! It lies approximately two and a half hours south of Springfield.  To learn more visit this website, or click here for directions on Google Maps.

Gunner Pool Recreation Area

This swimming hole/camping place is a great destination for the whole family. It has clean swimming areas, impressive waterfalls, a fun trail, caves, and more!  It is also available for camping, although it has no water or electrical hookups. It lies about 3 hours southeast of Springfield. Here is a website for more info, and a link to directions on Google Maps.

Grand Falls

Grand Falls on Shoal Creek is the largest constantly flowing waterfall in Missouri, being twelve feet tall. It is a beautiful area with a fine swimming hole and pleasant picnicking area. It is easily accessible and only about one hour west of Springfield.  A great place for a relaxing day out on a warm summer’s day! For a bit more info, visit this website, and to get directions on Google maps, click here.

Johnson’s Shut-ins

A popular and beautiful destination for hikers, fishers, swimmers, and campers alike! It has fantastic rock formations and a boardwalk for a pleasant walk around the park, as well as rugged hiking trails. The park also offers tent and RV campsites, cabins, and a general store. It lies about three hours east of Springfield, MO.  Here is a website if you are looking for a bit more info, and a link to the Shut-ins on Google Maps.